First Lifeboat

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea

These pictures show the first ever lifeboat to be stationed at Kinghorn, in 1965. This early D Class lifeboat is quite different to its modern successor, but it was instrumental in the saving of many lives in those early years. The two crew pictured above are, from left, Harry Arnott and Marshall Drummond. Their first job on arrival of their new rescue craft was to deliver letters to the nearby islands of Inchkeith and Inchcolm, to inform residents of the presence of the station.

These photos were taken as publicity shots for British Aluminium, for whom the two men worked. The station pictured is now owned by the local sailing club, and is used as a workshop for maintaining club boats. Since 1965 our station has also had C class, Atlantic 21 and Atlantic 75 class boats, and two other stations. The photo's are provided courtesy of the two men pictured.