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      NEW RESCUE RECORD HIGH (21/12/2007) more...
        The RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn launched today on its 70th rescue call out of the year.

        This is a new record high number of 'shouts', with the previous record being only 57. With still 10 days of the year left, this could rise even further, as the volunteer crew have previously been involved in call outs during the festive season and are on stand-by 24/7, including Christmas day.

        Mike McErlane, helmsman of the inshore lifeboat, related today's rescue, "About 11.30am today (21/12/2007) we were paged to search for a small fishing vessel 'Solo' a 17 foot boat from West Wemyss, which had become disorientated and lost in the dense morning fog which covered the Forth. Workmen and the Park Warden at Ravenscraig park had heard calls for help coming from the sea and had contacted the Coastguard."

        "A search involving the RNLI lifeboat, helicopter and Coastguard crews was instigated and we were tasked to search from the car park at Pathhead Sands Kirkcaldy to Francis Colliery monument. The fog was reducing visibility to between 20 -30 feet and we had to keep stopping the engines and shouting to see if we received any reply. During the search my eyelashes and the 'a' frame of the boat froze up, it was unbelievably cold out there!."

        "Although we never heard him, as we arrived at the Francis Colliery, the Coastguard advised us that the Captain of a large ship "The Odyssey" at anchor in Kirkcaldy Bay had reported that the vessel had tied up to him, however the skipper had no radio, mobile phone or compass to enable him to make his own way back to the harbour. We contacted the fisherman and led him into West Wemyss Harbour as he was totally disorientated by the prevailing conditions and we eventually arrived back at Kinghorn around 2pm where a welcoming hot cuppa was waiting for us."

        Mike added" I would advise anyone contemplating going out on the sea in this kind of weather to make sure they have at least a compass to navigate by, as it was even difficult for an experienced crew such as I had, to navigate without the use of our GPS and compass system, and without it we would likely have been disorientated as well. I would always advise carrying flares and some means of communication, as you never know when you may break down or require the assistance of the Coastguard."

        The other crew involved in the rescue were Steve Currie and Joanne Wibberly. Shore Crew were Paul Wibberly and Billy McAndrew.

      £800 RAISED FROM SPOOKY WALKS (04/11/2007) more...
        RNLI funds have been increased by £800, thanks to the efforts of Crew and Fundraising volunteers who organised Spooky Walks this year, and to the public who attended the event.

        A total of £797.64 was raised over the three nights, with tours being carried out every 20 mins and other fun events held in the boathouse.

        Neil Chalmers, a crew member who helped with the organisation and running of the event, said,"Most of the tours were fully booked and there were plenty of screams. One tour finished with a lot fewer people than it started with!! The weather held out for the three nights of the event as well, which helped a lot. There were some of the past ghosts re-visiting the area and some new ones appeared as well, these all went down well with the walkers and were very successful."

        He added,"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the public for coming along in such vast numbers and by doing so helping to keep the RNLI afloat with funding."

      SPOOKY OR WHAT? (20/10/2007) more...
        Yes it's happening again! The time of year when screams are heard echoing around the harbour at Kinghorn....And it happens over three nights!

        Yup! Its the return of the follow up to, the sequel to, the scariest, funniest, uniquest tour on the coast, brought to you by and in association with the RNLI volunteers at Kinghorn ....its THE Spooky Walk.

        You don't want to miss THIS show. You don't want to forget a spare pair of breeks! (only skidding!)

        The walks will take place on Thursday 25th, Friday 26th & Saturday 27th October First tour from Lifeboat Station 7.00 pm then approx every 30 mins.

        Tickets are available to be pre-booked over the phone by phoning the Lifeboat Station on 01592 890663 on Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd or Wednesday 24th from 6.30 – 8.30 pm ONLY, where you can book with volunteer crewman Neil Martin. (Unbooked places subject to availability on night)

        ADULTS £3 CHILDREN £2 (Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.)

        Dress up for Halloween and get a free lolly! Go back in time and Dook for know you loved it! There will be face painting and a lucky dip in either the dry and safe old bin or the spookier, scarier, yeucky bin.(what is that stuff?) Hot drinks will be available to warm you and calm you either before or after you've been on the walk.

        (People of a nervous disposition................. will likely make your walk an awful lot funnier!)

      COASTAL WALKER RESCUED (02/10/2007) more...
        On its record breaking, 63rd rescue mission this year, the RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn, rescued a coastal walker who had fallen and injured her ankle.

        The volunteer crew were alerted by Coastguard around 3.30pm this afternoon (02/10/2007) to the plight of the injured walker.

        Helmsman Mike McErlane explained,"The 60 year old female casualty who had been walking the coastal path with friends, had fallen sustaining a suspected broken ankle. The location given was on the Burntisland side of Sandhills Caravan site at Pettycur Bay. Although Ambulance had been alerted they were unable to traverse the soft sand with their vehicle or the narrow coastal path with a chair and we were asked to attend as close by the casualty as possible and transport her to an awaiting Ambulance at the Lifeboat station."

        He continued, "we arrived on the scene within a couple of minutes and the Coastguard staff transported the lady to the lifeboat. We then ferried her round to the Lifeboat station, where she was given medical attention and taken from there to the Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline. We have now carried out many similar medevacs from people who have no intention of going to sea. It proves that as well as being there for users of the sea, with Fife and the Lothians having such a large expanse of coastline being used by residents and visitors alike, we are there for those who only intend to use the land as well!"

        The crew on this occasion were Darren Maddison, Mark Brown, Evelyn Stoker and Steven Wallace.

      RNLI FUNDRAISERS FRAMED! (17/09/2007) more...
        The RNLI fundraisers at Kinghorn look set to be Framed....

        Crew member Judith Frame, one of the tractor operators, who regularly launches the lifeboat at Kinghorn, and who raised £1600 last year by swimming to Kinghorn from Inchkeith Island in the middle of the Forth , has set her sights on raising yet more funds, this time by running in the gruelling 13.1 mile (21 Kilometre) Great North Run on the 30th September, in Newcastle. Judith, 42 and a mother of three, lives and works in the village and has again joined the small band of fundraisers who work tirelessly to raise funds for the RNLI.

        Judith said, " Its the world's biggest half marathon, a point-to-point course that starts in Newcastle and finishes in South Shields. I will be joining 52,000 people like Paula Radcliffe and England Coach Steve McLaren, although Paula should finish a few yards in front of me, so I will have to watch where I put my feet! I have been training very hard to get myself fit enough, but finding the time is the hardest part."

        Judith will run the race strapped to a small inflatable lifeboat and hopes that this will bring in a few donations for the charity.

        She continued," I have been around the pubs in the village and have raised quite a bit, but I am hoping to raise a lot more, so have opened a Just Giving website where donations can be made online, it is If anyone would like to send any cheques they can post them to the RNLI Kinghorn Lifeboat, 30 St James Place Kinghorn, KY3 9RJ, or if you are passing by the boathouse any Sunday morning feel free to drop in, you can donate to the crew and be shown around the boat and boathouse at the same time."

        The RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn carries out rescues from Dalgety Bay to Elie on the Fife coast of the Forth and from Granton to Aberlady on the Lothians coastline.

      ALI'S HOME! (06/09/2007) more...
        This will probably be the last update on the site about our Crewman Ali, who was seriously injured on a training session in July, as he is making a miraculous recovery!

        Ali has now been released from hospital and has been allowed back home. I know that there are many of you who are monitoring the site to find out about his condition, and we thank you for your concerns and the sympathy you have shown.

        Although Ali still has a long way to go, he will be receiving the best of care to rehabilitate him and we continue to wish him all the best on his recovery. He has already been to the crew barbeque and astonished many of the crew with his recuperative skills.

        John Caldwell, Divisional Inspector for the RNLI in Scotland said:
        'We are delighted that Alistair has been allowed home. We understand from his doctors and family that he is making good progress and will continue his treatment at a specialist rehabilitation centre to help with his recovery. The welfare of our crew is of utmost importance and our thoughts are with Alistair and his family during this difficult time.'

        Thank you again for all your messages of support.

      PRINCESS RESCUED (01/09/2007) more...
        The RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn looks set for its busiest year of operation so far. This weekend saw the lifeboat launched to its 55th rescue of the year. Last year the number of rescues totalled 54 and showed that the 'wee' lifeboat was one of the busiest in the land.

        The latest shout for the volunteer crew occurred at 6.30pm on Friday night (31/08/07) when they were launched to a report of a 10 foot fishing boat having broken down, taking on water with 3 persons on board, about 400 yards offshore from Burntisland Harbour.

        Helmsman Neil Chalmers said of the rescue, "The stricken vessel was called the 'Princess' and had launched from Aberdour with three men in their early 20's on board. When they lost power on their 5hp engine, the small vessel was at the mercy of the wind and tide, which at the time was producing up to 1 metre high waves in that area. The vessel was pushed eastwards towards Burntisland, with the waves breaking over the hull of the boat and beginning to sink her. They were quite lucky to miss the harbour wall/breakwater at Burntisland, or they may have been in serious trouble."

        He continued," I imagine it would have been pretty scary in such a small boat! We took 2 of the boat's crew onboard the lifeboat and transferred crewman Brian Paton over to the stricken boat whilst we prepared to tow it to safety. Thankfully the Princess's crew all were wearing lifejackets, but were saved by contacting the Coastguard on their mobile phone. It reinforces the need to be aware of the conditions in the Forth as even when they look good from a distance, its a different ball game when you get out there."

        The other RNLI crew involved in the latest rescue were Mark Brown, Evelyn Stoker and Norman Soutar. The lifeboat returned to station around 7.30pm.

      DISMASTED YACHT RESCUED (15/08/2007) more...
        Kinghorn RNLI lifeboat crew helped to rescue two people and their yacht from Leith Docks on Friday (3 August) afternoon, after a gust of wind left the vessel without a mast.

        Kinghorn RNLI inshore lifeboat launched at 1639, and was on scene sixteen minutes later. On arrival the volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew found the mast of the 18' cruising yacht was dragging in the water over the side. The lifeboat crew cut the mast away and a tow was established to take the yacht back to Granton harbour.

        Once in Granton (1740) the yacht was placed in an alongside tow and lead to a pontoon to be met by HM Coastguard. The two people on board, who were fully equipped, were unharmed.

        Weather on scene: force three westerly, with calm seas and good visibility.

        Lifeboat crew: Steve Currie (helm), Darren Maddison, and Neil Chalmers. Shore crew: Norman Soutar and Joanne Wibberley.

        This is the 45th time Kinghorn volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew have been involved in a search and rescue this year.

        Kinghorn RNLI lifeboat was the busiest inshore RNLI lifeboat in Scotland in 2006 launching a total of 54 in 2006 rescuing 28 people.

        Submitted by Rachel Martin (RNLI Press Officer Scotland)

        Picture attached - Kinghorn RNLI lifeboat with dismasted yacht in tow

      BETTER NEWS! (30/07/2007) more...
        As you are aware, the result of the serious accident that occurred two weeks ago during training, was that our Crewman Alistair McLean, suffered severe head injuries, and was critical for some time in Hospital. The good news is that Ali is now recovering and at the weekend managed to dress himself and has now been moved to a General Ward from Intensive Care.

        His family want to thank all the wellwishers who have sent in e-mails and cards, which have given them support during this horrendous time. His brother Ian, who is also a member of the crew at Kinghorn said, "It was a very worrying time for us all, at one point Ali was only given a 50-50 chance of survival and as you will appreciate my Mum and Dad were devastated with that news. As time has gone on however, Ali has improved, and although not out of the woods yet, he is managing some basic tasks."

        The volunteer crew would also like to thank you for your e-mails of support, concern and offers of assistance.

      SAD NEWS (16/07/2007) more...
        As some of you will now be aware, we suffered a serious accident on Sunday morning whilst carrying out a routine training exercise on our Atlantic 75 lifeboat.

        As a result of the accident a member of the crew suffered a serious head injury.

        The RNLI have kept his name from the media in order to try and protect his family from the glare and intrusion that would incur, so as to afford them some time to themselves to come to terms with this terrible situation.

        I have no doubt that his name will appear in most newspapers in the morning, but do not intend to hasten his family's distress by listing it here today.

        The crew are distraught and we are receiving support from other stations, who are flooding our website with sympathy for our plight. Our thanks as a station goes out to the whole RNLI organisation who are supporting us in every way possible at this time, and appreciate that we belong to an extended family willing to be there to assist us.

        Being a volunteer crew, everyone has rallied round with support and the lifeboat remains operational.

        We hope and pray that our crewman and teammate pulls through from his injuries, and offer our support to his family at this harrowing time.

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