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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The RNLI Inshore Lifeboat from Kinghorn and the RNLI All Weather Trent Lifeboat from Dunbar were both tasked to a report of an overturned dinghy with a male person having been reported in the water for sometime, just off Cockenzie Power Station at Prestonpans.

The Coastguard received a report of the incident around 3.05pm this afternoon (Sunday 04/03/07) and activated the pagers for Kinghorn Lifeboat's volunteer crew. The All Weather Lifeboat from Dunbar which had been training near the area was also sent, due to reports of almost gale force weather conditions in the area and the problems that such weather could cause to the smaller inshore lifeboat if the seas were too rough.

Helmsman Scott McIlravie, from Kinghorn Lifeboat said, "We launched within minutes and despite large waves rolling into Kinghorn Bay and a fairly rough crossing, with a 2-3 metre swell, we arrived on scene around 3.25pm, just seconds before the Dunbar Lifeboat, which had been training in the area, also arrived. Although we had been initially told that there was a male in the water, we found out that he had actually made it ashore. The weather conditions were not as bad as had been reported to the Coastguard, and were well within the tolerance of the inshore craft."

"When we arrived at the disabled 'rib', a 4 metre, inflatable vessel, which had suffered engine failure, there were two men and two teenagers on board. The rib was only 150 metres from the shore but was being buffetted by the conditions. The teenagers were wearing wetsuits which were soaking from the rain and were suffering from the elements so we provided them with a heat preserving blanket. The male who swam ashore was already being treated by an Ambulance crew. Apparently the owner of the rib, from the Edinburgh area, had just received the vessel back after having repairs made to the electrics and was testing it out, when it broke down again."

"We towed the vessel ashore where the teenagers also received medical attention. I think the owner will be having words with the repairer!"

The crew on this occasion were Mike Chalmers and Phil Smyth, shore Crew were Ian McLean and Norman Soutar.