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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Within two days of their last Callout of 2006, the RNLI lifeboat Crew at Kinghorn received their first Callout of 2007!

The volunteer crew 'First Footed' the lifeboat at 9.50pm on Tuesday evening (02/01/07) after the Coastguard had been notified of a man 'swimming', about 200 yards offshore from Port Seton Harbour, near Edinburgh. Although Police and Ambulance were on scene, they had requested the RNLI lifeboat to help extricate the 30 year old man from the freezing waters, as he was refusing to come out on his own.

Helmsman Steve Currie said, "We launched immediately and although the Forth was fairly calm on the Fife side, after passing Inchkeith Island it became a bit choppy. We arrived within 20 minutes of setting off, and the Police had already mounted their own rescue using a small dinghy from the harbour and had managed to drag the man on board it, but hadn't been able to return to shore, so we assisted the two Policemen and the casualty on board the lifeboat and ferried them ashore. The man looked to be very hypothermic and was staggering about when we returned them to the shore, but an Ambulance Crew were all ready waiting to treat him."

" It was after 11pm by the time we returned to Kinghorn and recovered the lifeboat, luckily the shore crew were waiting with a hot cup of tea, as it was a bitterly cold crossing and we needed some warming up before we had to start the washing and refuelling of the boat ready for the next shout!"

The crew on this occasion, were Rob Moore and Leanne Fisher, the Shore crew were Evelyn Stoker and Neil Chalmers.