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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn was launched this afternoon (27/08/2006) after 3 Dinghy's capsized off Pettycur, in rough seas.

Despite it being a fine day, the wind had been blowing up some very choppy 1 metre high swells, in the unsheltered areas of the Forth, and was coupled with a high tide with strong currents. The 39th callout for the volunteer crew this year, started early afternoon when Kinghorn Sailing Club had several dinghy's in the protected waters of Kinghorn bay.

About 1.40pm, 3 of the crews ventured further afield towards Pettycur, and were unprepared for the rougher sea conditions outwith the shelter of the bay. All 3 crews were unable to control their vessels in the rough sea swells and all capsized. Although the clubs emergency boat was nearby, it was unable to deal with the 3 overturned dinghy's and sent out a distress flare, which sent a flurry of emergency calls to the coastguard, who requested the RNLI lifeboat be launched.

Scott McIlravie, Helmsman on the RNLI lifeboat said, "The clubs emergency rib was able to rescue the crews from the water, but were unable to deal with the upturned dinghy's. We arrived on scene within minutes and were able to right the vessels and take two back under tow to Kinghorn Harbour with the rescue boat returning to recover the third."

"Although the weather was fine and sunny in the shelter of the bay, the wind was fairly strong and once you get out from the sheltered area of the bay, the change in the sea conditions can be dramatic, and can catch out the inexperienced sailor."

"Thankfully everyone was rescued from the water and I think some lessons have been learned."

The RNLI crew with Scott, were Neil Chalmers, Joanne Wibberly and Leanne Fisher.

Attached Jpgs taken by the crew on the shout, show the RNLI crew rescuing the capsized vessels.