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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn was launched this evening to a report of persons in the water off Granton in Edinburgh.

The volunteer crew were paged by the Coastguard at 8.10pm on Thursday (27/07/06) after distress calls were received by the Coastguard reporting persons in the water off the middle pier at Granton Harbour. The Lifeboat arrived on scene around 8.20pm, and were informed that Police had recovered a woman from the water, but they had arrived fast enough to rescue a woman in her 30's who was still in the Forth.

Mike McErlane Helmsman on the RNLI Lifeboat,said "When we arrived we could see Police and Ambulance on the shore and there appeared to be several people milling about. We saw that there was still one lady in the water and we pulled her onto the lifeboat. She told us that a woman had apparently jumped or fallen into the water from the pier, when she and her two teenage sons were there. She and her two sons had jumped into the water to effect a rescue, and Police assisted in pulling the female from the water."

"The woman's two sons managed to get out of the water under their own steam, but the mother was still trying to get out when we arrived and pulled her out. We handed her over to paramedics on the shore who wrapped her in blankets and took her to the waiting Ambulance.She and her sons were very brave, the water is still very cold even at this time of year, even during a heatwave. Thankfully everyone was saved on this occasion."

The crew on this callout were Mike McErlane, Steve Currie, Michael Chalmers and Ian McLean on the tractor.