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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Kinghorn's RNLI lifeboat was in action again today, three days after their last launch.

Around 10.45 am today (31/08/05) the lifeboat was launched to assist in the 'medivac' of an elderly man who had apparently broken his ankle on the coastal path approx 200 yards west of Starleyburn, Burntisland. Although Paramedics and Police were already in attendance, it was felt the distance and terrain involved in moving the man to the Ambulance, would have caused him considerable pain, and would have been very difficult for the emergency services to achieve.

Helmsman Mike McErlane said, "We received a call out this morning and were advised that a man in his 60's had fallen and had a suspected broken left ankle. We were told that a paramedic crew were already in attendance, but that we were required to transport the casualty from the coastal path to Carron Harbour at Starleyburn, which was the closest area that the ambulance could reach to the casualty."

"We arrived on scene within 10 minutes, and we assisted the paramedics in placing the man onto the lifeboat. He was cheery enough as he was being given entinox (painkiller), but also slightly embarrassed at becoming a casualty statistic, and being on land of course, he never envisaged that he would ever require the services of the RNLI lifeboat!"

"Although we are voluntary and totally funded by public donations, I bet there are lots of people who walk along the coastal path and never ever consider that a lifeboat may be their saviour if they have an accident or a fall, this just proves our worth not only to seagoing people but to anyone who uses the coastline around the Forth Estuary."

The lifeboat was also called into action on Sunday (28/08/05) to rescue a sailing vessel which had lost steerage and power in quite rough conditions. The lifeboat was called to assist the yacht "DUOPOLY" about 2 miles off West Wemyss. Both port and starboard mainstays had come off the deck and she was struggling to make way in the rolling sea under engine power. A lifeboat crewmember was transferred on board, and managed to re-attach the stays. Due to the weather conditions on scene, the yacht was towed in to Methil Harbour for safety.