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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Andrea Gellan the 48 year old, mother of three from Dunfermline, who as part of a team, is trying to complete three crossings of Loch ness have now managed to be the first persons ever to swim across the Loch and back and are now into their final leg.

Andrea, who is also a Senior Lecturer at Falkirk College, broke two World Records in the process of raising funds for the RNLI Lifeboat at Kinghorn. By completing the double crossing of the Channel in 19 hours and seven minutes, which was almost an hour quicker than the previous record and by finally completing three crossings, Andrea and her team became the first women's team to ever manage it. She now intends to obtain three further records, by beating the time for a single crossing and becoming the first team ever to carry out a double and triple crossing of Loch Ness.

Mike McErlane, a Helmsman on the lifeboat at Kinghorn and currently manning the safety boat for the event said, 'The team started their arduous attempt at 6am on Saturday (27/08/05) they managed the first crossing in 11 hours 3 minutes, despite battling against a high wind which was blowing the waves into their faces and they very cold water. Although this is very close to the time for the current record crossing, we do not know at this stage if the team have beaten the original time. The team have now managed to complete a return crossing which took 13 hours during the night. They are now record holders for having managed to complete a double crossing but are now struggling against the extreme cold and bad weather. One of the girls is suffering from the initial stages of hypothermia, but is desperate to continue and is receiving treatment from the support crew to warm her up.'

The team hope to finish the record breaking swim around 6.30pm, but things are looking bleak for them given the weather conditions and their state of health.

A further release will be issued in the event of the team completing their attempt or should they fail in this last leg.

(Should any radio stations require to speak to Mike to see how the event is unfolding please contact me and I will be able to arrange that for you.)