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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The volunteers on the RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn were again on medivac duties last night, (11/08/05) when the Captain of a Russian ship berthing at Kirkcaldy, fell ill.

Helmsman Mike McErlane narrated the story, "The initial call was received at 10.15pm last night, just as we were finishing some night training on the water. The coastguard were reporting that the Captain of a ship in the Kilo 2 anchorage (kirkcaldy Bay) was suffering severe pains in his leg which were also travelling to his heart."

"We immediately made our way to the ship, arriving on scene within 5 minutes. Given the apparent seriousness of the Captain's condition, we received a call from the coastguard asking us to return to Kinghorn to pick up two Ambulance Paramedics . I left crew members Leanne Fisher and Steve Currie on board to supply any first aid required and headed back into shore with crewman Dave Farnes, to uplift the two Paramedics."

"En route back to shore, Coastguard advised us that there was some problem with the Paramedics Union, for health and safety reasons they were not being allowed to be transferred via the lifeboat. In view of this the Rescue Helicopter 177 from Prestwick was called out by coastguard, however when we contacted the Paramedics and offered to put them in the same drysuits and protective equipment we all wear, they were more than happy to go to the boat."

"After checking over the Captain, the Paramedics confirmed that it appeared to be the Sciatic Nerve causing his pain and the Helicopter was then stood down, We ferried them all ashore where a waiting ambulance took the Captain to the Victoria Hospital for treatment."

Volunteer shore crewman Norman Soutar, launched and recovered the boat using the tractor and trailer.