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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Attending its third call this week to assist with a medivac, the volunteer crew of the RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn assisted in treating and evacuating a Doctor who had been injured.

The incident occurred around 5pm tonight (20/07/05), when a group of Doctors with an interest in rock climbing, were attempting a climb of the rockface at Hawkcraig point, Aberdour. One of the Doctors, a woman in her twenties from Edinburgh, lost her footing and fell around 50 feet landing on a ledge 15 feet up from sea level.

Steve Currie, a crewman on the lifeboat said, 'A coastguard climbing team were called out to reach the stricken Doctor, who appeared to be suffering from a fractured ankle. The lifeboat was also called to the scene and we supplied a splint from the onboard first aid kit to keep the injury stable, then we transferred the Doctor to the lifeboat. '

'We initially made for Aberdour Harbour, but due to the falling tide were forced to continue onto Kinghorn Harbour where we requested an ambulance to meet us. The Doctor admitted being rather embarrassed by the whole thing, but was also feeling sick so we gave her some oxygen. She was commenting on how the trip in the lifeboat was so lovely, with a beautiful scenic view of the coastline along to Kinghorn.'

'When we arrived at Kinghorn, we transferred the casualty to the waiting ambulance and she was taken to the Victoria Hospital for treatment. We don't usually have so many medivacs to carry out but, since last Thursday's call to the ill man in Aberdour, we have also been called out to transfer a crewman from a tanker anchored in Kirkcaldy Bay who had fallen ill and required to go to hospital. This is our third so hopefully that is the last one for a while. We were all intending to be down at the boathouse tonight in any case, as we are attending our First aid refresher training ! Hopefully they can miss out the splinting a broken ankle part tonight now.' joked Steve.