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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn was launched tonight (26/05/05) to save the life of a woman who was reported in a very distressed state, swimming in the sea off Ravenscraig Park, Kirkcaldy.

The crew pagers were activated around 7.50pm with the crew of Keith Hay, Andy Preston and Steve Currie launched within minutes by the shore crew of Ian McLean and Mhairi Hay, to the aid of the casualty.

Helmsman Keith Hay said, 'Further information was received from the Coastguard en route to the scene, that two men had also entered the water to try to rescue the woman. We arrived on the scene around 8pm and located the female although the two men had by then managed to return to the shore unaided.'

He continued, 'On arrival we saw the woman in her late 20's, floating in about 10 feet deep, thankfully calm waters, about 25-30 metres from the shore just off Ravenscraig Castle. She appeared to be unconscious and was hypothermic due to being in the cold water for some time. We managed to pull her on board the lifeboat at which time we confirmed that she was still alive, although in urgent need of medical care. Through the Coastguard, we arranged for an ambulance to meet us at Kirkcaldy Harbour where we transferred the casualty to their care.'

'I'm fairly sure that had the waters been at all choppy, the woman would not have been able to survive for that amount of time. I was unable to speak with the two men who tried to rescue her, but they were particularly brave to enter the water in their attempt because despite it being summer, the sea is still very cold.'