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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn was called into action around 7pm tonight (27/01/05) to a report of a Fishing Vessel having run aground onto rocks, near to Port Seton.

The 30 foot vessel 'The Beulah' was initially reported to be listing heavily and taking on water, with two people on board. The Beulah ran onto the rocks 3 hours after the highest tide had been reached.

The volunteer lifeboat crew, Helmsman Mike McErlane with Paul Wibberly, Mhairi Hay and Rob Moore, along with the Shore Crew of Norman Soutar and Evelyn Stoker were rapidly deployed and the lifeboat reached the stricken vessel within 15 minutes of the launch.

On arriving, the crew saw that the vessel was stuck firmly on the rocks with no immediate danger of sinking or capsizing. Crewman Paul Wibberly swam around the vessel to check for any holes, as the jagged rocks were too sharp to allow the lifeboat to get in closer.

Although no holes were apparent the skipper reported that they were taking on water. Both crewmen of the vessel were reported safe and well. Given the state of the tides, the Coastguard estimate that the vessel will be unable to be refloated from the rocks until after 1.30am tomorrow morning.

The volunteer crew will have a long night ahead of them, as they will have to be on scene again around 1am when the vessel is refloated, to ensure the safety of the Fishermen should the vessel start to sink when it leaves the rocks and makes its own way or is towed into harbour.