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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Kinghorn Lifeboat was called out to rescue two persons on board the troubled vessel, 'Lady Marion' in The Firth of Forth, earlier this evening. (10/07/04)

This is the second time in a week that RNLI lifeboats have been called to the vessel's aid, as the boat was also rescued by Anstruther Lifeboat, last Saturday, (07/08/04) having suffered engine failure in the fog, near Elie.

Mike McErlane, Helmsman of the volunteer crew, said, " We were called into service around 4.50pm, when the crew of the boat called the coastguard for help. Normally we would be able to ask the number of the buoy which helps us to navigate quickly to it, but the coastguard said the crew had contacted them by mobile phone, so we couldn't get in touch with them directly. We were told that their rudder had failed and they had anchored off a buoy in the middle of the shipping lane near to Inchcolm Island. When we arrived and saw the position they were in, I had to contact Forth Navigation to slow a ship and the Superfast Ferry down, whilst we assisted the boat to safety. "

He added, "Luckily the weather was fairly good and we had good visibility, so were able to arrive within ten minutes, to assist them and tow them to safety. There was a large swell and the waves were breaking quite badly, so we had to be careful during the tow and it also took some time for us to get the boat back into the boathouse on our return."

Kinghorn Lifeboat towed the vessel to safety at Dalgety Bay where Coastguard personnel spoke with the crew. The Lifeboat was crewed by Mike Mcerlane, Rob Moore, Mike Chalmers and Martin Lamden, who were launched by shore crewman, Norman Soutar.