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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Kinghorn Lifeboat's crew and fundraising branch are extremely happy with the response they achieved for their recent Open Day. They have received the highest amount of money ever raised at such a one day event, more than £2400.

They wish to send out their thanks to the Public who came along to enjoy the day and to the members of the press who made the event such as it was, by publicising it before hand.

Mary Tulloch President of the fundraising branch said, " This was our best day in fundraising terms, ever. Everyone who helped in the organising of the event are all volunteers and gave their time and energy free of charge to make the day what it was."

"Although the weather could have been a lot better and the organisers of the raft race failed to turn up, as is usual on the lifeboat, the crew put their minds to tackling the problem and found a way to overcome it. The raft race eventually went ahead thanks to the generosity of the owners of the nearby Wee Shoppe who donated two rubber dinghy's to allow the event to go ahead."

"The enthusiasm of the local pub teams who participated in the raft race made the event. The Ship, The Crown, The Auld House and The Carousel all entered teams with The Crown taking the winners stage."

The photo shows Kinghorn Lifeboat Helmsman, Scott McIlravie being the target of the Splat the Pirate stall.