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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The RAF Rescue Seaking helicopter from Boulmer in Northumberland paid a visit to Kinghorn on Saturday 22nd May 2004.

The helicopter landed in the Myres Park, Kinghorn, which allowed the aircrew to have lunch and a briefing session with the crews of the Kinghorn and Queensferry lifeboats, in Kinghorn Lifeboat Station. The landing caused quite a spectacle, and had people from the village out for a look at their visitor.

The seaking sits in Myre's Park

"However," said Helmsman Mike McErlane of the Kinghorn Lifeboat crew, "quite typical of the rescue services trying to meet for training, the RAF helicopter crew were scrambled to a diver in difficulties off St Abbs." Cutting the briefing short they were whisked back to the helicopter by members of the lifeboat crew, and headed out on their rescue mission within minutes.

Not wanting to miss out on a valuable training opportunity though, the crew returned after they were stood down from the rescue and began their training with the Kinghorn and Queensferry lifeboats in Kinghorn Bay. About 45 minutes later the helicopter and the Kinghorn lifeboat relocated to Largo Bay to train with the Anstruther lifeboat.

"It was a great opportunity to get the aircrew together with the three local lifeboat crews," said Rob Moore, a crewmember of the Kinghorn Lifeboat. "This is teamwork at its best."

"Being interrupted by a real life rescue is just a hazard of the business," he continued,"and just shows that no matter what we've planned and organised, it's the people in trouble on the water who come first."

The next planned opportunity for locals to see a Seaking is during our annual open day - 17th July 2004 - when the Royal Navy Seaking from Prestwick is expected to join us for a rescue demonstration in the bay.