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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Kinghorn RNLI Lifeboat crew were called out on Sunday afternoon following a mayday call from a 15 foot speedboat which had got into difficulty south of Inchkeith Island.

The 15’ boat had been travelling to Fisherrow harbour, when it ran out of fuel around two miles north of the harbour. Kinghorn lifeboat quickly arrived on scene and found the boat, with two males onboard, drifting in light winds.

Lifeboat crewmember, Neil Chalmers said, ‘The speedboat had run out of fuel whilst travelling to Fisherrow on a pleasure trip.

‘The casualty boat was well equipped, with a VHF radio, flares and local charts. This made our job much easier, as although they didn’t need to fire flares, we were able to use our VHF direction finding equipment and radar to locate the vessel very quickly.

‘On arrival, we established that there were no injuries amongst the casualty crew and we then took them under tow to the nearest harbour which was Fisherrow. We were met there by Fisherrow Coastguard Rescue Team who helped berth the speedboat.

‘The crew of the speedboat were well prepared, but had suffered misfortune on this occasion. They had spare fuel which had been used, but even though the fuel gauge seemed to show a quarter of a tank, the tank was empty.

‘This was a good example of people using the Forth for pleasure, but being properly equipped, which made the job of finding them much quicker and easier when something unexpected went wrong. This was important as it was dark by the time we arrived at Fisherrow harbour, and any delay in finding them would have been made much harder in darkness.

Kinghorn lifeboat returned to station after the boat was secured. The crew was Mark Brown, Neil Chalmers, Kenny Davidson, Paul Stather and Steve Robinson.