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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Kinghorn RNLI Lifeboat crew launched at 11.40pm on Sunday night to rescue a dog and its owner from Burntisland harbour.

The Coastguard received a report from Fife Police of a man whose dog had fallen into the freezing waters of Burntisland harbour’s East Dock. The dog’s owner attempted to recover the animal from the dock; however, when he couldn’t manage himself he called the Police for assistance. The Coastguard was alerted and they requested the launch of Kinghorn RNLI lifeboat to assist in the rescue. The lifeboat arrived on scene just six minutes later.

The volunteer crew found the casualty standing between a dockside ladder and a barge with the 9.5st Rottweiler in the water beneath him.

Helmsman Neil Chalmers said, ‘When we arrived at the docks the Police and Coastguard Rescue Team were on the dockside above the casualty. We approached the barge and found a man perched between the harbour wall and barge. The tide was out, and he was about 6m below the quayside.

‘Two crewmembers boarded the barge and assisted the owner onto the barge and lifted the dog from the water. The dog and her owner were then taken on the lifeboat to a slipway in the outer harbour where they were met by Coastguard and Ambulance personnel. They were both cold, although otherwise unharmed.

‘The temperature last night was around minus one, and there was ice on the lifeboat when we returned to station.

‘The man did the correct thing by requesting assistance to rescue his dog. We would always recommend calling the emergency services in this situation. Entering the waters of the Forth at this time of year without the proper clothing and equipment could lead to tragic consequences.’

The volunteer lifeboat crew then returned to Kinghorn around 00.30am to wash and fuel the lifeboat.