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Kinghorn Lifeboat Crew Save Abandoned Dogs


Kinghorn Lifeboat Crew were called to assist the SSPCA in removing two abandoned German Shepherd dogs from Inchkeith Island in the middle of the Firth of Forth.

The trip out to the island had been organised in advance by SSPCA staff who had been given notice of the dogs' plight by Forth River Pilots. The Pilots had been feeding the animals regularly until their rescue on Sunday.

The combined team of lifeboat crew and SSPCA staff managed to encourage the dogs to board the station's Atlantic 75 lifeboat with relative ease. "It was easy," said Mhairi Hay, Kinghorn Lifeboat crewmember, "The big male simply jumped from the pier onto the lifeboat - he was so pleased to see human beings. The second, younger dog was more nervous and needed some encouraging, but seeing the older dog in the boat certainly helped."

"I had taken out my own 'Dog Pacifyer'," said crewmember Dunk Ormiston, "but I didn't need it. They were so glad to see humans they were no bother at all".

It isn't known exactly how long the dogs have been on the island, but the SSPCA had known about their existance for over three weeks. "The dogs are actually in pretty good condition considering their ordeal." said one SSPCA inspector - "Nothing that some love and attention won't fix."

After some warm drinks in the station - for dogs, and humans - the animals were taken away by the inspectors ready to start a new chapter in their lives.