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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Kinghorn RNLI Lifeboat volunteers were called into action on Wednesday evening after a 60 year old woman fell on a beach off the Fife Coastal Path.

The lifeboat crew were on a training exercise when they were requested to assist in the rescue of a fallen walker on the beach between Kinghorn and Kirkcaldy around 4:05pm.

The lifeboat was training in Burntisland harbour when Forth Coastguard requested assistance at 4:10pm. The volunteer crew were on scene five minutes later where two crewmembers with first aid training swam ashore to provide assistance.

Volunteer helm Joanne Wibberley continues, ‘two crew members were put ashore with first aid equipment to attend to the casualty. The lady had fallen in a remote location on the beach near Abden Home. It is understood she had a suspected broken ankle.

‘The two crewmembers found the casualty and were soon met by Coastguard Rescue Team and Ambulance personnel who provided medical assistance.

‘It was deemed too difficult to remove the woman by foot along the coastal path, and a Royal Navy Rescue Helicopter from Prestwick was sent to the scene. The helicopter arrived around 40 minutes later and winched the lady from the scene to an awaiting ambulance at Seafield.

‘We stood by to provide any necessary assistance before resuming our exercise.’