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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Kinghorn RNLI Lifeboat crew saved the lives of two men this morning after their yacht nearly sank in the Firth of Forth.

A 12m catamaran yacht with two persons onboard hit rocks to the south of Inchkeith Island around 9am. They sustained serious damage to the port hull which caused the vessel to partially sink.

The catamaran was returning to Granton from Anstruther when they hit rocks near the Little Herwit rock, south of Inchkeith.

The vessel made a mayday distress message, and Forth Coastguard began a rescue operation. Kinghorn Lifeboat launched at 9.10am, and was on scene 10 minutes later. The two male casualties were taken off the yacht, and taken ashore by a local pilot boat whilst the lifeboat continued towing the catamaran yacht to safety.

Helmsman Keith Hay continued, ‘when we arrived the vessel was taking on a lot of water and the two casualties were preparing to abandon the catamaran. They had a dinghy with them; however, the pump to inflate it was out of reach in the part of the boat under water. Fortunately we were able to arrive soon after their distress call before they had to enter the water.

‘The vessel was then towed to Granton, where it was secured in the harbour. Our towline parted at one point due to the weight and duration of the tow; however we were quickly able to get the boat back under control.

‘These men were lucky to be rescued as the Forth is still very cold at this time of year. I would always encourage people to use suitable current charts of the area and any other navigation aids available.’

The volunteer lifeboat crew then returned to Kinghorn at 12.10pm to wash and fuel the lifeboat before heading off to their respective workplaces.

The crew on this shout were Keith Hay, Leanne Fisher and Dan Paton. The lifeboat was launched by tractor driver Steve Brown.

Volunteers at Kinghorn Lifeboat station are now making the final preparations for their open day on Saturday 7th July.