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Kinghorn RNLI Lifeboat volunteers were called into action on Sunday at 4.34pm following a mayday distress call from a yacht off Inchcolm.

The 17ft yacht ‘Hatsoo’ with two people onboard had been on passage to Port Edgar when they suffered equipment failure, rendering their sail unusable. They then issued a mayday distress call to alert other vessels in the area to their plight.

Forth Coastguard requested the immediate launch of Kinghorn Lifeboat to assist the yacht which was between the Oxcars lighthouse and Inchcolm Island. The passenger vessel, Maid of the Forth also responded, standing off the yacht until the arrival of the Lifeboat some 15 minutes later.

Helm Leanne Fisher said, “We arrived on scene to find the vessel in the main shipping channel to the east of Oxcars, so it was important to get the yacht under tow to prevent any obstructions for ships.”

“The weather on scene was reasonable with light winds and small waves. The yacht had broken the gooseneck; this is the part which attaches the boom to the mast. This meant they couldn’t use the sail, so they issued a distress message for assistance.”

“We took the yacht under tow to Burntisland harbour which was the nearest suitable port, where the casualty vessel was berthed to allow repairs to be made.”

“The two people on board were well equipped, and had prepared the yacht for our arrival, making the tow much easier. It just shows that bad luck and equipment failure can affect any vessel, however by knowing what to do the situation was quickly and safely resolved.

The Lifeboat then returned to station to prepare for the next rescue mission. Also on board for this rescue were Brian Paton, Megan Davidson and Iain Tulloch. Brian Crow provided shore support.

The volunteers are busy preparing for their annual Spooky Walk’s. These take place on Thursday 28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October. This is one of the main fundraising events run by the crew and more information can be found on the Kinghorn Lifeboat website.