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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



Kinghorn RNLI Lifeboat volunteers were called into action on Sunday at 11.45pm following reports of a vessel sinking in Inchkeith Harbour.

The 9m motorcruiser was on a trip to Inchkeith Island from Pettycur. The vessel fouled it propellors on creel pots within the harbour. They then anchored, and on a falling tide hit the bottom causing the rudder to penetrate the hull, causing a leak to develop. There were four adults onboard.

Forth Coastguard broadcasted a request for assistance, and another RIB in the area responded, standing by the casualty until the Lifeboat arrived 6 minutes after launch.

Helmsman Neil Chalmers said, “We arrived on scene to find the vessel alongside an underwater obstruction. The crew informed us they had fouled both propellers and were taking water, however it was manageable.”

“The weather on scene was poor, with a Force 5-6 westerly wind and 1-2m waves. The casualty was fortunate to be sheltered by the harbour wall, however on the incoming tide they were likely to be blown ashore.”

We decided the best course of action was to tow the vessel back to Fife. We deployed our salvage pump on to the vessel and began the tow back to Kinghorn beach”

Due to the leak beneath the water line we had to beach the casualty vessel in the shelter of Kinghorn Bay where the boat’s owner would be able to effect repairs when the tide went out.”

It is understood that there were no injuries amongst the four people on the boat.

Neil continued, “This appeared to be a case of bad luck and a combination of circumstances which caused the vessel to become stranded. We would always recommend that a good lookout be kept for potential obstructions in the water such as creel pots and marker buoys. Often they are poorly marked with small buoys, yet they can cause major problems if hit.”

The casualty vessel was anchored on Kinghorn beach by 1pm and the Lifeboat returned to station.