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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



As you will no doubt by now be aware, due to all the news on TV and in the papers, Kinghorn lifeboat station was particularly badly hit ( no pun intended)

The stormy weather combined with a very high tide, resulted in serious damage to the lifeboat station. Pounding waves carried logs and other flotsam through the main boathouse doors, wrecking them and throwing debris in to the boathouse itself. The doors were stuck and the lifeboat was off station for some time whilst engineers attempted repairs.

The volunteers rallied round as usual and had a 24hr presence in the boathouse due to it being insecure. The cost of the repairs are not yet known but will have to draw on RNLI funds once more to keep the lifeboat ready for service.

This is not a news release but just an update to let you know what we faced.

I have added some photos of the damage and the stormy conditions.

With thanks to Bill Tulloch for the photos