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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



An elderly man with a leg injury was rescued from the shore at Pettycur Bay, Kinghorn today.

The RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn was called out this afternoon to assist in the rescue of an elderly Burntisland man, who had injured his leg whilst walking on the shoreline.

Helmsman Rob Moore related the incident, "We were paged at 4pm this afternoon (22/08/2009) to a report of a 72 year old man, who had injured his leg whilst walking on the shoreline at Pettycur Bay. We were launched and on scene within a few minutes, where we were met by the Coastguard who had been called out beforehand and had placed the gentleman on a stretcher. Although an Ambulance had been called it was too far to carry the casualty to reach the waiting Ambulance and we had been called out to medivac the man to the RNLI lifeboat shed at Kinghorn."

"On arrival, we were able to transfer the casualty on board, along with a couple of the Coastguards and take them quite safely and quickly to Kinghorn Harbour where the Ambulance had been re-routed. The rigid inflatable inshore lifeboat is ideal for this type of rescue, as it is designed to operate in shallow water and can even go right onto the sand where required. This allowed us to take the casualty right onto the beach where he was transferred to the waiting Ambulance, and none the worse for his travel on the lifeboat. The casualty was cold and had suffered a leg injury, but did not seem to be too badly injured."

"People tend to think we only rescue casualties from the sea, but with such a great coastal Path along the southern shore of Fife, we have actually now rescued quite a few walkers this way. It just goes to show that even if you don't go to sea for work or play, you might still end up being thankful for an RNLI lifeboat funded by the public, located in your area."

The lifeboat crew were Helmsman Rob Moore, and crewmen Mike Chalmers and Mark Brown. Shore crew were Norman Soutar and Neil Chalmers.