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RNLI Kinghorn Lifeboat Fundraising Success

Despite the promised hot summer failing to materialise, Fife folk continue to have warm hearts for lifeboat crews.

This summer so far, almost £6000 has been raised for the RNLI and this will allow Kinghorn lifeboat to continue saving lives at sea and on land.

President of the Fundraising committee at Kinghorn, Sheona Baxter said, "This years Open Day raised a total of £4300, despite the weather meaning that there weren't many ice cream coronets sold, it is £700 more than last year and given the current financial climate, astonishing! House to House collections raised £1088.96, Charity boxes raised £166.36 and donations raised a further £360.00."

"The Open Day is the culmination of a huge amount of work that takes place over the preceding months and it is easy to forget how time consuming that has been. It becomes more and more challenging every time we repeat an event to come up with something new and fresh, it is also more difficult each year to take account of inflation and costs. Nevertheless we must ensure we do both in order to maintain value for money for our contributors and donating public."

She continued, "The RNLI is a charity which is totally reliant on Public donations and I am gratified that the people of Fife still have a place in their hearts for the lifesaving work of our volunteer crews. Without that monetary assistance each year, we would be unable to keep the lifeboats running and for a place like Fife, with so much coastline, that would be unthinkable. I wish to thank each and every person who has donated and assisted us in our fundraising efforts. Thankyou!"