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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The RNLI ethos of 'train one - save many' was fully demonstrated last Sunday (24/05/09) .

Norman Soutar, who is a member of the shore crew and Tractor driver at Kinghorn, was out training for the Lochalsh 'Dirty 30' which takes place on the 13th June and involves traversing 30 miles in 24 hours through the Highlands of Scotland. Norman is hoping to raise funds for the RNLI.

Norman related the incident, "I decided to walk up Ben Lomond and started out at 12 noon from the car park at Rowardennan and headed up the south side to the summit and decided to come down the North west side. About 500m up the Ptarmigan path I came across a man in his mid 50s who was leaning heavily on his walking poles as he walked, I asked if he was ok and when he replied no, I asked if he would like me to walk with him which he readily agreed to."

He continued, "We had only walked about 100 meters and as we chatted I noticed he was getting worse. He was physically exhausted and with my RNLI 1st aid training, I assessed him as suffering from the onset of hypothermia, at that stage I decided that it wasn't advisable for him to continue and I dialled 999 to advise the Lomond Mountain Rescue of our situation. Central Scotland Police phoned me back and were advised of the casualty's location, details and condition, I was advised that MRT and a Helicopter would be sent out."

"About 10 to 15 mins later a couple of walkers came down the hill and helped to get the casualty into warmer clothes and wrap him in a survival blanket which they had, then we all tried to protect him from the worst of the wind and mist. By this time his walking companion had come back up the path as he had went on ahead but had returned looking for his friend. It was a further 2 hours before help arrived, but we were grateful when MRT came in to view, once there they took over in looking after the casualty, then the 4 of us made our way down the hill cold tired and hungry but safe. It was about 6.30pm when we arrived back in the car park about 2 1/2 hrs later than anticipated."

Anyone who wishes to help Norman raise funds for the RNLI can donate through the website at