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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn had a double shout today. (08/12/2008)The first callout was to a 'regular' break down and the second was to assist in locating an unexploded mine.

Helmsman Steve Currie related the incidents, "About 1205pm we received a page to attend the Creel boat "Emily B". a 21 foot fishing vessel which had broken down in the Forth, near Gosford Bay, off Edinburgh. This was a 'regular' breakdown in more ways than one. We had to tow the same vessel in 3 times last year and its the second time this year, so its becoming a fairly regular occurrence. The owner from the Port Seton area had suffered engine problems and required to be towed back home."

"We had the boat under tow when about 1.30pm we received a call from the coastguard to attend off Inchkeith Island, where a vessel had drawn up an old mine. We passed over the tow to another nearby boat to complete and immediately made our way to the "Dream Finder", a 21 foot fishing vessel which was on the west side of the Island and the skipper, also from Port Seton, was desperate to drop the large mine back into the sea and off his boat! Unfortunately he was unable to give a precise location of the mine and we came alongside and used our on board GPS plotter to accurately position the location where he was going to drop the mine, so that the Coastguard could notify the Bomb Disposal divers and other shipping in the area of the danger."

Steve continued,"The skipper appeared to be pretty shaken up by the incident, and after dropping the mine he was quick off the mark in getting underway, I think a stiff drink would be in order after he returned to port!"

The other crew members involved were Norman Soutar and 18 year old Meggan Davidson who was on her first ever call out on the lifeboat.