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The RNLI volunteers at Kinghorn received much needed help from Lerwick's RNLI volunteers this week. (28/10/2008)

With the annual Spooky Walks being held again this week, the volunteers at Kinghorn were desperately trying to improve on last years well received event.

Helmsman Keith Hay, who is instrumental in the organisation of the walks, said, "This year I thought of a way to improve the ambience of the walks as we have totally new scenarios from the previous years'. I came up with the idea of using real flaming torches to provide that little extra spookiness. Unfortunately I then had trouble trying to find a supplier, as funnily enough, no one makes them anymore!"

Keith continued, " It was then that I thought of the 'Up Helly Aa' tradition in Shetland, where they use lots of burning torches. I contacted Shetland Tourist Office but received no reply, and we were really starting to run out of time, when it struck me that the RNLI volunteers all over the country have their own e-mail network and are always willing to help in any fundraising events. That's when I e-mailed the coxswain, Bruce Leask of Lerwick lifeboat, who responded quickly and put me in touch with Graham Nicolson from the Up Helly Aa committee. Having explained my predicament Graham kindly offered to sell us the torches we required."

"The next problem came with transportation, and again Graham came to our aid and arranged for a boat which was leaving Lerwick, heading for Aberdeen to transport the Torches. Two of our crew are heading up today to pick them up in Aberdeen harbour, so we will have them in plenty of time for the Spooky Walks which start on Thursday night. It shows the bond between RNLI stations, who are willing to help each other in any way they can, and we wouldn't have managed to obtain the Torches by any other means. It looks like this years walks will outshine all the previous ones - so be prepared! Although bookings have again been swift, we should have spare places available on the walks, and you are guaranteed to have a great time!."

The Spooky Walks run from Thursday 30th to Saturday 1st between 7pm - 9pm and start at the RNLI station in Kinghorn Harbour. All proceeds raised will go to the RNLI.