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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The RNLI lifeboat at Kinghorn was called to a Jet-Ski in trouble off Burntisland today. (26/10/2008)

The volunteers were alerted to the incident by the Coastguard about 3.05pm this afternoon.

Helmsman Mike McErlane said, " We were paged about 5 past 3 and told that there was a Jet-Ski in trouble just off Burntisland. We launched and arrived on scene within minutes, but the owner of the Jet-Ski had managed to swim ashore unaided, however his Jet-Ski had no "dead mans" switch working which meant that although he had fallen off, the machine's engine had not cut out and it was still continuing to go round and round in a wide circle!"

He continued, "I had to pace the Jet-Ski and manoeuvre alongside it as it was circling, whilst crewman, Brian Paton had to jump from the lifeboat onto the Jet-Ski in order to control it. He managed to do it first time and was able to take it under control and transport it back to the slipway at Burntisland Swimming Pool, where Coastguard members were waiting to assist the owner, who was a Fife man in his late 30's in taking it ashore."

The weather was very choppy, with a South-Westerly wind blowing at force 6 or 7. The other lifeboat crew members involved were Steven Wallace and Evelyn Stoker, who launched the Lifeboat.

The incident occurred as the RNLI volunteers were making their last arrangements for this weeks Spooky Walks. The walks have become legend and an annual event on many people's calendars. This week, anyone wishing to join in the scary fun can call the Boathouse on 890663 from Monday - Wednesday between 6.30pm - 8.30pm, where crew members will be waiting for their call and will book their place on the walks which are held from Thursday - Saturday nights. Last year the crew raised £800 for the RNLI and are hoping to better that this year.