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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



The Right Reverend David Lunan, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland visited Kinghorn today, and included a visit to the lifeboat station to meet the volunteer crews and staff.

During the visit he was introduced to the crews by Lifeboat Operations Manager Charlie Tulloch and given a background to the operations and fundraising carried out by the charity, in the pursuit of saving lives at sea and on the shore.

Local Minister of the 'Kirk by the sea' which has a strong naval connection including a sailor's aisle which was built in 1609, Rev Jim Reid said, "The community fully supports the volunteers who regularly put their lives on the line to save others. Owing to being such a busy lifeboat, it seems that there is never an event which is not interrupted by their pagers. Recently, a crewmember's child was being Christened and the 'buzzer' went off and they all ran out!, however the village is so used to it, that the congregation barely reacted."

Right Rev Lunan, who admitted fundraising for the charity 30 years ago, was informed about the latest 'shout', by crew member Leanne Fisher, which happened at 7.40am this morning (26/08/08), whereby a 24ft yacht which had struck rocks just off Aberdour's silver sands beach had to be towed to safety as it was taking on water. The man and two women aboard, were very distressed, had no navigation aids and thought it safer to follow the rocky coastline rather than run along the main channel!. Queensferry Lifeboat assisted in towing them to the safety of Port Edgar.

He also met crewman Alistair McLean, who was injured on a training exercise last year and heard about his miraculous progress. Rev Jim Reid said that the whole world seemed to be praying for Alistairs recovery and whenever he travelled around Scotland, people were asking about him.

Right Rev David Lunan added, " That's the kind of risk you put yourselves at when you go out. On behalf of the Church we thank you. Your courage and bravery is an inspiration to all of us!"

The attached jpg shows Right Rev David Lunan and his wife, along with Rev Jim Reid, LOM Charlie Tulloch, and Lifeboat Chairman Walter Lyle being shown the lifeboat by helmsman Mike McErlane and Crew member Joanne Wibberly.