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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



A major Search and Rescue operation involving private vessels,RNLI lifeboats, Coastguard and a Rescue Helicopter from RAF Bulmer, swung into action this afternoon (09/08/2008).

Leanne Fisher, crew on the lifeboat said, "We were paged around 1pm to carry out a search just off Leven Power Station for a missing crewman. A creel boat which had left from Methil in the morning, had sunk with one of the crewmen swimming to shore to alert the Coastguard although the second was reported as missing. It was about three hours after it had sunk that he managed to raise the alarm, so it must have been a fair distance to swim ashore."

"The RNLI lifeboat at Anstruther and several other fishing vessels and yachts were also involved in the search for the missing crewman. We carried out sweeps which were co-ordinated by the Coastguard, who were able to predict the way a person would drift in the wind and tide. Rescue Helicopter 131 from RAF Bulmer was also involved in searching, along with Coastguard search teams along the shore."

"About 1.40pm one of the boats involved, 'Audacity' reported seeing an object in the water that was confirmed as the casualty and they set off smoke at the location, we were asked to attend and assist in recovering the casualty along with Anstruther ALB, but the RAF Helicopter was able to airlift the casualty directly from the sea to the Hospital. We were then stood down. We all hoped the man would be ok, but it is difficult to survive for so long in such conditions, and it was a silent return to station as it always is when you feel you have been unable to save a life."

It was later confirmed that the man had died.

The crew on this occasion with Leanne were Steve Currie, Brodie Robb and Judith Frame on the Tractor.