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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Saves Lives at Sea



As some of you will now be aware, we suffered a serious accident on Sunday morning whilst carrying out a routine training exercise on our Atlantic 75 lifeboat.

As a result of the accident a member of the crew suffered a serious head injury.

The RNLI have kept his name from the media in order to try and protect his family from the glare and intrusion that would incur, so as to afford them some time to themselves to come to terms with this terrible situation.

I have no doubt that his name will appear in most newspapers in the morning, but do not intend to hasten his family's distress by listing it here today.

The crew are distraught and we are receiving support from other stations, who are flooding our website with sympathy for our plight. Our thanks as a station goes out to the whole RNLI organisation who are supporting us in every way possible at this time, and appreciate that we belong to an extended family willing to be there to assist us.

Being a volunteer crew, everyone has rallied round with support and the lifeboat remains operational.

We hope and pray that our crewman and teammate pulls through from his injuries, and offer our support to his family at this harrowing time.