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 Red Flare(s) 

Shout Number 64/2010

Date/Time: 03/11/2010 19:06 - 20:20

Called to Portobello for a Red Flare(s)

People Assisted: 0

The lifeboat was requested to launch following a report of a red flare in the Portobello area. Information was received en-route to Portobello that a chinese lantern may have been sighted in the area at a similar time to the flare. The Coastguard requested that a search was carried out from Leith, eastwards to Portobello. Nothing was found, and the lifeboat was stood down to return to station.

Boat Crew: M Chalmers, L Williams, S Wallace, D Paton
Shore Crew: E Stoker, J Wibberley