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 Person In Water 

Shout Number 48/2010

Date/Time: 28/07/2010 14:48 - 16:00

Called to Leven for a Person In Water

People Assisted: 2    Lives Saved: 1

The lifeboat was launched to the aid of children in inflatable dinghies being swept out to sea off Leven. They were seen and reported by lifeguards. One person managed to get ashore before the lifeboat arrived, but the other was still unaccounted for. The lifeboat crew located the second dinghy but it was unoccupied, about half a mile off shore. After a search of the area, the child was found about quarter of a mile from their dinghy, severely hypothermic and close to drowning. The casualty was recovered to the lifeboat and taken straight ashore to a waiting ambulance.

The lifeboat crew would like to reiterate that inflatable beach toys are dangerous and should be used with great caution at all times.

Boat Crew: L Fisher, B Paton, S Wallace
Shore Crew: B Paton, L Brown