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 Vessel Sinking 

Shout Number 48/2009

Date/Time: 13/09/2009 22:25 - 23:55

Called to Kirkcaldy for a Vessel Sinking

People Assisted: 2

The Kinghorn and Anstruther lifeboats were called to assist FV "EILIDH J", who was without power and taking on water following a minor incident whilst recovering a partially filled net. The Kinghorn lifeboat arrived with a salvage pump and the crew inspected the bilges of the vessel to find she was not taking on much more water, so pumped out what they could whilst arranging for a nearby fishing vessel ("EMILY JANE") to take the stricken boat in tow to its home port of Port Seton.

The Kinghorn lifeboat escorted the two vessels, keeping the salvage pump ready in case more water was taken on, for a few miles before the Anstruther crew arrived and took over the escort, allowing the Kinghorn crew to return to station.

Boat Crew: S McIlravie, L Fisher, B Paton
Shore Crew: I McLean, J Frame