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 Person Missing 

Shout Number 43/2015

Date/Time: 29/12/2015 12:45 - 14:00

Called to Portobello for a Person Missing

People Assisted: 2    Lives Saved: 2

The lifeboat crew was tasked to assist two stand-up paddle boarders who were in difficulty off Portobello.

Queensferry lifeboat had begun the search an hour earlier, but in difficult search conditions, requested assistance from Kinghorn lifeboat and Royal Navy helicopter, Rescue 177.

The Kinghorn crew arrived at Inchkeith to begin a search towards Leith along with Queensferry lifeboat. Soon after, Rescue 177 arrived onscene. Very quickly, they located the two casualties approximately 2 miles south-south east of the Island, using their FLIR (heat seeking) camera. The helicopter crew requested both lifeboats to make best speed to their position to recover the casualties to the lifeboats. Following assessment, both females were very cold, and it was decided to winch both from Kinghorn lifeboat to the helicopter for rapid transport to hospital. Both made a full recovery.

Boat Crew: N Chalmers, M McGarva, K Davidson, P Stathers
Shore Crew: S Robinson, B Crow