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 Vessel Sinking 

Shout Number 43/2010

Date/Time: 21/07/2010 13:55 - 16:00

Called to Fisherrow for a Vessel Sinking

People Assisted: 4

The lifeboat was launched in response to a Mayday call issued by a motor cruiser out of Dunbar that was taking on water off Fisherrow with 4 people on board. The lifeboat crew arrived on scene to find the vessel being pumped out, with all on board remaining well despite sea sickness. The cruiser was taken in tow to Granton. A rescue helicopter had been scrambled to the scene but was turned back when the situation was deemed to be non life threatening.

Boat Crew: J Wibberley, B Paton, P Wibberley
Shore Crew: L Brown