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Shout Number 43/2009

Date/Time: 16/08/2009 15:24 - 16:05

Called to East Wemyss for a Medivac

People Assisted: 2

The lifeboat was called to two people who had fallen from a cliff and were badly injured. One was unconscious and the other barely so. They had been found lying at the foot of the cliff by a passer by, having climbed without any safety gear.

An ambulance and coastguard team were already in attendance, and the rescue helicopter from Prestwick (HMS Gannet) was on its way. The lifeboat and helicopter arrived at the same time and, as the people were too far from the shore for the lifeboat crew to be effective, the lifeboat was returned to station whilst the helicopter landed and prepared to take them to hospital.

Boat Crew: M Chalmers, N Martin, L Williams
Shore Crew: L Brown, I McLean