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 Vessel Adrift 

Shout Number 40/2015

Date/Time: 01/11/2015 16:26 - 18:05

Called to Fisherrow for a Vessel Adrift

People Assisted: 2

The lifeboat was launched after Aberdeen Coastguard received a mayday call for assistance.

A 15' speedboat had run out of fuel and was drifting near the south shipping channel.

Our volunteer crew used our onboard VHF radio and direction finding equipment, along with radar to locate the vessel. On arrival, the crew and boat was found to be otherwise well equipped.

The speedboat was taken under tow to Fisherrow harbour where Fisherrow Coastguard Rescue Team met us.

Boat Crew: M Brown, N Chalmers, K Davidson, P Stathers
Shore Crew: S Robinson, J Wibberley