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 Person Missing 

Shout Number 38/2015

Date/Time: 30/09/2015 10:39 - 13:20

Called to Inchkeith Island for a Person Missing

People Assisted: 1

Following the previous nights callout, Aberdeen Coastguard requested the launch of the lifeboat to undertake a further search for a kayaker after he was reported overdue, and could not be contacted on his mobile phone.

Kinghorn Lifeboat was tasked to search around Inchkeith Island, and with nothing found, an area search on a line between the Island and Prestonpans. Conditions were poor, with heavy fog affecting visibility in the area.

Meanwhile, Queensferry Lifeboat and Royal Navy helicopter, Rescue 177, were tasked to assist in the search.

Aberdeen Coastguard continued to make VHF calls for further information, when a yacht advised that they had met the kayaker at Inchkeith the previous night and allowed him to stay onboard. In the morning, the yacht had then taken the paddler some way towards Musselburgh, before he continued on his way in his kayak. Rescue 177 located the kayak heading for Prestonpans, and Queensferry Lifeboat was sent to go and make contact. At this time all rescue assets were stood down.

Boat Crew: M Chalmers, K Davidson, K Milne, S Walters
Shore Crew: S Robinson, S Wallace