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Shout Number 37/2013

Date/Time: 22/10/2013 16:32 - 17:42

Called to Leven for a Misc

People Assisted: 0

The volunteer lifeboat had just returned home from the previous callout when they were tasked by Aberdeen Coastguard to investigate a possible capsized vessel off Leven beach.

It turned out to be a tree trunk which was likely to have been washed offshore by the recent high spring tides and high river levels.

The 5m trunk had a small marker buoy attached to it, however the crew took the log under tow back to the beach to prevent it becoming a hazard to navigation in the Firth of Forth. The local Coastguard Rescue Team also attended the callout and assisted on the beach.

Boat Crew: M Chalmers, M Davidson, K Davidson
Shore Crew: D Galloway