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 Vessel Adrift 

Shout Number 36/2010

Date/Time: 04/07/2010 17:10 - 18:50

Called to Portobello for a Vessel Adrift

People Assisted: 2    Lives Saved: 2

The lifeboat was launched in rough weather conditions to assist 4 people in a speedboat that had broken down off Portobello Beach. the boat was being blown and pushed away from the shore and out towards North Berwick by strong winds and heavy seas. By the time the lifeboat made it across the estuary, there were 2 people left on the speedboat as two had made it safely ashore. With the help of local coastguard volunteers, the crew searched for and eventually located the boat, taking the two remaining occupants on board. Due to the conditions on scene, the speedboat had to be abandoned and the two remaining passengers were taken ashore to Portobello beach.

Boat Crew: S McIlravie, M Chalmers, S Wallace, I Tulloch
Shore Crew: E Stoker, M Brown