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 Vessel Disabled 

Shout Number 35/2012

Date/Time: 14/10/2012 12:25 - 13:25

Called to Fisherrow for a Vessel Disabled

People Assisted: 0

Whilst on a training exercise at Dysart,the lifeboat was tasked by Aberdeen Coastguard to a broken down boat off Fisherrow harbour.

The Lifeboat arrived on scene approximately 20 minutes later; however, a local sailing club safety boat which was nearby had managed to tow the broken speedboat back to Prestonpans. The Lifeboat ensured the vessel was safely ashore, and no assistance was required, before returning to Kinghorn.

Boat Crew: N Chalmers, M Brown, M Davidson, R Malcomson
Shore Crew: S McIlravie