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 Vessel Aground 

Shout Number 34/2015

Date/Time: 05/09/2015 14:10 - 16:55

Called to Inchkeith Island for a Vessel Aground

People Assisted: 1

The lifeboat was requested to launch after a yachtsman made a mayday call after running aground on the Briggs Rock, South of Inchkeith.

After establishing a safe route to the vessel, the skipper was taken off as the boat was rolling approximately 50degrees in the swell and being battered against the rock.

A RNLI crewmember was put on the yacht to setup a tow. The boat was taken off the rock and towed to Granton harbour. The lifeboat salvage pump was also used to manage the water level in the vessel.

The yacht was berthed at Granton with the assistance of a local Coastguard Rescue Team.

Boat Crew: M Brown, J Wibberley, K Davidson, R Malcomson
Shore Crew: S Robinson, S Walters