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 Vessel Aground 

Shout Number 30/2014

Date/Time: 30/08/2014 16:56 - 19:02

Called to Pettycur for a Vessel Aground

People Assisted: 2

The lifeboat was requested to launch after a 16' day crusier suffered engine failure in Burntisland bay.

The vessel was drifting ashore and grounded before the lifeboat arrived. The casualty was in a difficult position due to shallow water and significant waves.

The local Coastguard rescue team arrived and walked it westwards along the shore until the lifeboat could reach it in deeper water.

The vessel was taken under tow to the Beacon slipway where it was recovered.

Boat Crew: M Chalmers, M McGarva, C Stokes, P Stathers
Shore Crew: D Galloway, S Robinson