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 Vessel Sinking 

Shout Number 30/2008

Date/Time: 26/08/2008 07:25 - 08:05

Called to Inchcolm Island for a Vessel Sinking

People Assisted: 3

The crew were alerted to a yacht in distress, having struck rocks to the East side of Inchcolm Island, near the town of Aberdour. The yacht was taking on water and the occupants were unsure of where was a safe passage out of the area. The lifeboat arrived on scene and assessed the vessel, which was not sinking quickly as the occupants had a manual pump in use.

The Queensferry lifeboat then arrived to escort the yacht back to Port Edgar marina, which is where it was heading. Two fishing boats and a river pilot cutter were also on their way to assist but were stood down when the nature of the leak was known.

Boat Crew: S McIlravie, L Fisher, B Paton
Shore Crew: I McLean, M McErlane