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 Vessel Stranded 

Shout Number 29/2008

Date/Time: 25/08/2008 08:05 - 08:45

Called to Burntisland for a Vessel Stranded

People Assisted: 1

The lifeboat crew were called to the aid of the skipper of the yacht "Midge", which had broken its moorings and been driven ashore in a strong wind, with the skipper aboard. The skipper had been able to jump ashore as the yacht was driven against the rocky bank, but he was unable to fend the yacht off or to recover the mooring line.

The lifeboat crew recovered the yacht from the shore and towed it to a sheltered pontoon area within Burntisland harbour.

Boat Crew: M McErlane, B Paton, S Wallace
Shore Crew: N Soutar, M Chalmers