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 Vessel Disabled 

Shout Number 28/2013

Date/Time: 11/08/2013 18:58 - 21:15

Called to West of Inchkeith for a Vessel Disabled

People Assisted: 2

The Coastguard requested the launch of the lifeboat following a report of a red flare fired from a yacht to the west of Inchkeith.

The volunteer crew arrived to find the yacht making slow progress under sail toward Cramond, having left Anstruther earlier in the day. The yachts engine was understood to be disabled due to a fuel blockage so it requested a tow. Conditions were F5SW with a 1 - 1.5m swell.

The lifeboat took the vessel under tow to Newhaven and secured it on a mooring buoy.

Boat Crew: M Chalmers, M Brown, M Davidson, T Wibberley
Shore Crew: D Galloway, C Stokes