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 Person In Water 

Shout Number 26/2015

Date/Time: 15/08/2015 10:35 - 11:05

Called to South of Inchkeith for a Person In Water

People Assisted: 3    Lives Saved: 1

The lifeboat crew were paged following a Mayday call from a small sailing dinghy which was to the South of Inchkeith island. The VHF radio on the dinghy wasn't working properly so the coastguard and lifeboat crew were unable to ascertain what the nature of the emergency was until arrival. A crewmember had fallen overboard and, due to various issues, was unable to get back on board. The weather was poor and the crewmember was losing heat and strength.

The lifeboat crew pulled her on board the lifeboat before taking a young child off the dinghy as she was also cold and very distressed. They were brought back to Kinghorn to a waiting ambulance, and onwards to hospital as they were suffering from hypothermia. The dinghy was taken back to Portobello by a Police Scotland boat which arrived on scene as the lifeboat departed.

Boat Crew: S McIlravie, N Chalmers, R Rutherford, K Davidson
Shore Crew: S Robinson, A McIlravie