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 Vessel Adrift 

Shout Number 24/2009

Date/Time: 31/05/2009 15:05 - 15:45

Called to Kinghorn for a Vessel Adrift

People Assisted: 0

The lifeboat was called to a sailing dinghy that had been seen drifting in the sea and then capsizing about halfway between Kinghorn and Inchkeith island, in the main shipping channel. It was initially unknown if there was anybody in difficulties. A canoeist from the beach was attempting to paddle out to the dinghy but was struggling with the weather conditions, so the lifeboat crew launched to find the dinghy and its potential occupant.

As the crew were righting the capsized boat, it was established on shore that the occupant was safe and well - he had left his dinghy rigged on the shore side and it had drifted out to sea. The boat was initially sailed back in by one of the lifeboat crew, but the local sailing club came out to tow the dinghy in so that the lifeboat could be re-housed.

Boat Crew: S McIlravie, B Paton, L Williams
Shore Crew: N Soutar, M Chalmers